Tuesday, January 20, 2015

University of California to Conduct Study of Patients On and Then Off Topical Steroids

UCSF study of topical steroid withdrawals
University of California 

University of California, San Francisco is now enrolling people in this on and off TCS study which is a good but the problem is that it will not be a long enough time frame to see accurate results of a topical steroid withdrawal. We are encouraging everyone to contact them and request the study be done longer, like a year or so in order to get best readings or at least consider doing a study specifically on individuals who have used Topical Steroids for at least a year and follow their withdrawals for a longer time span. There are over 4000 suffering members between the ITSAN and Facebook groups, so we can supply the people!

If they don't listen to us at this point, at least our voices will be heard and who knows, this may be happening because our voices have been heard? An important thing to remember when we dialogue with the medical community is to sound rational and knowledgeable and not accusing and emotional. We will push for more research on this, no doubt!

"Detailed Description:

This exploratory study consists of four visits to the investigator site post screening: at Weeks 0 (baseline), 2, 6 and 8 (Figure 1). At the first visit (baseline), patients who have met the screening eligibility criteria will be started on a stable TCS regimen for a total of two weeks. At the second visit (Week 6) following two weeks of therapy on stable TCS, patients will stop TCS and blood, serum, plasma and two 6mm punch biopsies (one lesional (L) and one non-lesional (NL) skin) will be obtained. At the third visit (Week 6), after four weeks receiving no TCS, the same sample collections will be repeated and the patients will then enter a two week safety follow up. At the end of the safety follow up (last visit, Week 8) and after obtaining written informed consent by the patient, blood, serum and plasma samples may be collected."

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