Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Miss Kitty Rides Again!

I love this Miss Kitty lady who is well known in the ITSAN circuit because of her brilliant ability to communicate well,  relate to and support hurting RSS warriors, study, research,  write, do graphs and comparisons, post funny pics on her blog and just downright entertain us!

I'm geeked that she along with another RSS warrior are helping to build bridges with the medical community on this mysterious condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome. We are just over 3 years old as a nonprofit with a mission to raise lots more awareness and build solid bridges of communication and dialogue with the other skin disease organizations. 

I commend Jo and Wendy for their time well spent at the Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology (CEBD) as guest panel patients. Good job and teamwork ladies, keep it going!

Check out her great blog post here!

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  1. Thanks Joey - we couldn't have done anything without all of the hard work from ITSAN so thank you :)